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    Welcome to Byron Car Wreckers

    Byron Car Wreckers is the top cash for cars and car removal company on the North Coast, and it buys all kinds of vehicles in all brands, models, and conditions. At cash for cars Byron Bay, we are enthusiastic about what we do and work really hard to provide a quick, effective, cost-free car sale that will pay the seller top dollar. We will remove your automobile, truck, or van without charge and pay you top cash for your car in return. We are committed to providing you with the best possible complete car wrecking service. When you want to sell your car and need a reliable buyer, call Byron Car Wreckers and use our cash for cars Byron Bay services.


    Car Removals

    Unwanted Car Removal
    Broken Car Wrecking

    Having an old or unused car in your yard can be troublesome. It eats up valuable space, invites critters and other…

    Accident Car Removal
    Accident Car Removal

    Cars are significant investments that can cost quite a sum of money, so you naturally want them to last as long as…

    Broken Car Wrecking
    Unwanted Car Removal

    There are many advantages and benefits to getting a car, and without a doubt, having a vehicle can come in handy and…

    Free Car Removal
    Free Car Removal

    Thousands of old, unwanted cars get scrapped in Australia every year. As it is given that every car has an expiry dat…

    Car Removal Byron Car Wreckers
    Car Removal Byron Car Wreckers

    Do you want to get rid of an old or unused car fast? Do you want to make money out of it without breaking a sweat? If…

    Old Car Removal
    Old Car Removal

    Are you frustrated to see that old, unwanted piece of junk in your garage? or you’re not finding any reliable O…


    Cash For Cars

    Cash for 4wds byron

    We are a leading 4WD wrecker who can pay top cash for your vehicle. Have a 4WD that has reached its lifetime and is no longer working properly? Wondering how to get rid of it? If so, you can Sell Your 4wd for Cash through our quick and easy removal service. We accept any make, model, and condition, and provide competitive rates for your vehicle to ensure you get the most value out of them at all times.

    Got a 4WD you want to get rid of? Call Byron Car Wreckers at 02 6670 5607 today to get an instant quote for your 4WD vehicle!


    Trucks are among the strongest and most powerful vehicles. But time and regular use will eventually reduce them to lumbering hunks of metal. If it is time for you to get rid of an old truck, we could help.
    We offer Cash for Trucks, and we are the best at what we do. Our Truck Removal service is hassle-free, dependable, and comes at no charge to you.

    Whether you are ready to move on from your old truck, or it was damaged and not worth the effort to repair, give us a call, and we will take it off your hands. And the best news is that we will pay top dollar for it!

    To Sell Your Truck for Cash, give us a call on 02 6670 5607


    Many car owners often get scared of selling their old, rustic cars. There are multiple reasons for skeptical thinking. Sometimes, finding a reliable Unwanted Car removal company can be a hard nut to crack, getting the appropriate cash for unwanted cars is another big concern. Usually, car owners get misconstrued when they deal with cheap car buyers with all scams and schemes. However, at Byron Car Wreckers, car owners can completely trust our professional staff and their combined experience of more than 100 years. We help car owners to sell their unwanted cars for attractive cash deals and that too, instantaneously.

    To get Top Cash for Unwanted Cars, please give us a call on 02 6670 5607

    Cash for Junk Cars

    There is no nobility in keeping an old, damaged, or wrecked vehicle in your garage that you can’t fix. If you’re scared to sell your old or unwanted car to a reliable buyer who will provide you with adequate paperwork and a good price for your car, then look no more — at Byron Car Wreckers, your demands will be valued before presenting you with an attractive cash offer. We help the sellers to streamline the car selling process and provide Instant Cash for Junk Cars in Byron Car Wreckers. Besides that, we help sellers with services such as Junk car removal

    To Sell Your Junk Car for Cash today, call 02 6670 5607

    Cash for Used Cars

    Are you looking for a new car and finding ways to sell your old car? Has your vehicle seen too many miles and is standing on its last legs? Here at Byron Car Wreckers, we specialize in giving the solution to these questions.
    Our company is the leading Used Car Buyer in the area. We offer the most competitive Cash for Used Cars in the market. We can get that unused or unwanted car out of your driveway and into our yard with no hassle on your part. Even better, we will pay you instantly and in cash.
    Do not waste time looking for buyers online or through local ads. Visit our website or call us, and we will take care of the rest.
    CALL 02 6670 5607

    Cash for Scrap Cars

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      Customer Reviews

      I wholeheartedly encourage anybody looking to sell their car for cash to contact Byron Car Wreckers. A+ for the fast service.
      When I sold my old Sedan to Byron Car Wreckers, I was given the best possible price. A good deal, indeed.
      These guys are skilled at what they do. They were on time, worked quickly, and I couldn't be more pleased with the cash offer I got.
      I highly suggest it! They showed up the same day I spoke with them, offered me the cash I couldn't refuse, and I paid it right away. So kind and simple to work with. I'm grateful.